Looking for the WOW factor?

From the small backyard gathering, to operas, award ceremonies and stadiums; I have extensive experience performing in venues all around the world.
I currently offer performances on Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Tetra (my unique ground based structure), and with soap bubbles big and small.

I also have a free standing aerial rig for venues with limited rigging possibilities.

‘Excursions’ is a new, innovative, hybrid show that seamlessly blends the mesmerizing worlds of circus, live music, and physical theatre.

Join our two protagonists on an extraordinary journey that blurs the boundaries between reality and the fantastical, turning mundane office days into enchanting adventures.

As the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, ‘Excursions’ invites you to witness a fusion of awe-inspiring aerial feats, an ingenious ground apparatus, and the skillful melodies of a highly talented guitarist.

This one-of-a-kind show promises not only a visual and auditory feast but also a thought-provoking exploration of our societal norms, challenging the conventional 9 to 5 routine.

July 19th to 21st – 7pm
Vulcana Studios, Morningside, QLD

Performance Highlights

bubble tornado


French Journey, Tetra, Le Festival, Brisbane (QLD)
Champagne Bubbles
, Tipsy History by Glitter Martini, Anywhere Moreton Bay Festival & Wham Bam Cabaret Slam, Brisbane (AUS)

Agitate, Silks, Vulcana Circus, Brisbane (AUS)

Parisian Nights, Lyra/Silks, A Line In The Air/Eric Roeting, The Royale Theatre, Perth (AUS)

Extravaganza, Lyra/Silks, The Royale Theatre & Joondalup Festival, Perth (AUS)
Human, Lyra, full-length solo show, CirQuest and WA Circus Festival (AUS)

Abandon, Physical Theatre/Dance, Back Door Productions, Fringe World, Perth (AUS)

In Black and White, Silks, Great Wall Cup China (CHI)

EXHIBIT-Unhinged! Silks/Tetra, CAJ Entertainment, Perth Circus Festival (AUS)

Freakshow, Tetra, Back Door Productions, Fringe World and touring, Perth/WA (AUS)

R/EVOLVE, Lyra, directed by A Line In The Air, Fringe World & Imaginarium, Perth (AUS)


On The Inside, Tetra, A Line In The Air/Eric Roeting, Guerrilla Fest, Perth Festival, Perth (AUS)

Shadows, Tetra, Contemporary Flute Recital with Adam Lewin, UWA, Perth (AUS)
The Magic Squirrel, Lyra, See Right Through Events, Fremantle (AUS)

Flight Risk, Rope, Chloé De Buyl-Pisco, CirQuest, Perth (AUS)

In Black and White, Silks, Australian Circus Festival, Sydney (AUS)

Don Quichotte de la Mancha, Silks/Trapeze, XIVè Biennale du Fort de Bron (FRA)

Leviathan, Aerials/Singing Living Structures/Klaus Kruse (SPAIN)


Alice In Wonderland, Silks,Ibrahim Maaouf/Oxmo Puccino,Festival d’Île-de-France (FRA)

L’Invention du Monde, Silks, Olivier Rolin/Michel Deutsch/Theo Hakola, MC93 (FRA)

Since 2008

Private events in Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Rope, Pole Dance and Tetra for Toyota, Generali, Scotch College, Tryo and more (FRA/GER/AUS)